Ms. Aya Chebbi, Blogger, Activist and Founder of African Youth Movement and Voice of Women Initiative, Tunisia Mr. Fadi Abushammala, Youth Program Manager at General Union of Cultural Centers, Palestine/Gaza Mr. Hossam Hassan Ibrahim Ali, Social Activist and Co-founder of Open Space Egypt, Egypt Mr. Hussein Murtaja, Spokesman for Victims of Wars and Armed Conflict and Founder of Youth Letters Group, Palestine Mr. Karam Alhamad, Human Rights Activist and Freelance Photojournalist, Syria Ms. Lama Alghalib, Social Activist and Founder of Shababuna non-profit, Saudi Arabia Ms. Maria Difallah, Medical Doctor and Human Rights Educator, Algeria Ms. Olfa Lazreg, Social Activist, Tunisia Ms. Ru’a Al-Abweh, Architect and Urban Planner, Jordan Mr. Salah Algabli, Founder of One Hand NGO, Yemen

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