Mr. Abel Williams Cheayan, Youth and Environment Advocate, Liberia Mr. George Ndung’u, Country Coordinator for Organization for African Youth, Kenya Ms. Harimbolam Alala Rakoto Andrianjaf, Town Planner Technician, Madagascar Ms. Irene Ikomu, Youth Activist on Governance and Democracy, Uganda Mr. Josias Ambeu, Global Internship Program Director at AISEC, Côte d’Ivoire Ms. Margaret Koli, Social Entrepreneur, Kenya Mr. Mathews Mhuru, Program Lead for Youth Engagement at Marie Stopes International, Zambia Ms. Sarah Mwikali Musau, Project Officer at Action Network for the Disabled, Kenya Mr. Usman Muhammad, Coordinator for Africa at the UN University’s Regional Center of Expertise – Global RCE Network, Nigeria Ms. Vanessa Phekani, Social Entrepreneur, Malawi

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