Mr. Abdelkarim Bellafkih, Engineer and Founder of Free Hands youth NGO, Belgium Ms. Caroline Romero Trueba, Teacher and UNICEF Volunteer, Spain Ms. Cecile Pilot, CliMates Youth Activist, France Mr. Christophoros Pavlakis, Un-HABITAT Youth Fund Mentor, Greece Mr. Jonas Freist-Held, Student Assistant at the Research Institute Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany Ms. Katerina Gavrielidou, Young Leader and Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, Cyprus Ms. Lise Weltzien, Social Activist and Researcher, Norway Ms. Meloe de Reuver, Student and Young Professional, UK Mr. Peter Mladenov, Human Rights Advocate, Bulgaria Ms. Wasima Khan, Social Entrepreneur and Blogger, the Netherlands

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