Church Corner Musings

Adult Bullies in Church

As Radical As Jesus

The Church In The Community

Christian Men – Time To Step Up!

Church is a Hospital, Not a Social Club

Commitment to God and Treatment in Marriage

Controlling Mothers and Spineless Sons

Denominational Wars

Front-line Persons in Church

I Will Not Hire Another Christian

Late Comers to Church

Pastoral Care to Battered Women

Preaching Without Being Converted

Seats in Church

Sharing and Caring in the Modern Church

Sin Selection

Single Childless Christian Women

Singles In Church

Sports Evangelism: Promoting the Gospel Through Sports


Things The Church Needs to Discuss Regularly

Waiting For Mr. Right

You Better Be Texting Jesus


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  1. Grandtrines says:

    Having some kind of odd problem with the links on this entry. Something about domain names. (Might want to test this with a different computer and not logged in to see if you have that problem also. I am using Microsoft Edge Browser under Windows 10 on a HP laptop.) Please delete this comment after you have done the test / resolved the problem.

  2. Hi there. You were subscribed to my blog and I have recently converted that into a new website, but in the process my subscribers were not carried over to the new site. I would love to have you rejoin me by subscribing on the new website: Thank you for considering to stay with me!

  3. Do you still write posts in this category? It seems that most posts that come through on my “reader” are high heels… I’m new to the blogging world so still getting used to the reader and posts and everything. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for pointing that out! That has been corrected thanks to your attention.

  5. Odd. Here is my url:
    Thank you for trying. I hope this helps.

  6. Ms. Carr,
    I was wondering if you accept any submissions for review? I have two
    short manuscripts, both copyrighted but only one (self)published. One is a
    short epic adventure/love poem (7000 words), and the other an adventure
    story revolving around a mythical beast that is actually endemic to the
    Missouri Ozarks. (180 pages). Both are Christian allegory, and as a professional librarian, your review would be most informative. If you would be interested in either, I can send them to you digitally if that is convenient. Thank you.

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