10 Summer Olympics Educational Activities

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10 Summer Olympics Educational Activities

The 2016 Summer Olympics Educational Activities Are Here ! We are looking forward to see what Usain Bolt will bring to the table this time around!
Summer Olympics Educational Activities

Now until August 21st the whole world will be abuzz with Summer Olympics, and there is so much opportunity for learning and getting active! Here are (a perfect) 10 tools to foster Olympic-worthy learning and help you host your own Olympics at home!

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This post contains affiliate links. Anything purchased when you click on these links will mean a small commission for me at no extra cost to you.

Learn About the Olympics

1. Summer Olympics Fun Pack – Printable!

SO fun pack

This pack has crosswords, medal tally sheets, coloring pages, and my favorite – a venn diagram comparing modern and ancient Olympics! A lot of punch in one downloadable package, making it a great start to learning fun with Olympics. Suitable for Pre-K – 5th grade levels. $4.75.

2. 2016 Summer Olympics Lapbook with Study Guide – Printable!

study guide

Get the details on all of the summer games, the history of the olympics, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Created by one of my favorite resources, Knowledge Box Central. Tip: You can print as many of these lapbooks for your family and friends to build knowledge and community while you watch the games. $5.

3. Sporting Events Interactive Foldable Booklet- Printable!

foldable booklet

For the avid sports – watching kiddos, this foldable game tracker allows them to track scores in each game for the summer 2016 Olympics. Use this as an opportunity to practice math based on their skill level – whose in first, second and third place? What percent is 4.8 out of 10? I love this handheld, interactive, printable tool! Just $1.

4. 2016 Summer Olympics Interactive Bundle – Printable!


There’s a little something in this bundle for everyone, from writing prompts, to coloring – great for the littles who need an activity while the group watches swimming. Suitable for 6-10 year olds. $4.99, down from $7.99.

5. Summer Olympics Bingo!


Whether you’re planning a viewing party with other families, or you have a class full of excited viewers, this is a fun group activity for all ages. Bone up on olympic vocabulary with this classic game with a timely theme. Speaking of which, let the games begin! $2.

6. Olympics Online Unit Studies

online unit

For homeschoolers looking to mix things up this summer, this online course by 5-star reviewed Online Course features self-directed research projects, unit studies, and a deeper dive into the history and global meaning of the Olympic games. Great for elementary and middles school level kiddos comfortable with the internet. $15.


Host your Own Olympics at Home!

7. Scoop and Toss Game

scoop game

Scoop and Toss Game features 2-15″ scoops and a softball-sized plastic ball can be used for a number of outdoor games including baseball, jai alai or catch. This would be a great game for field day!

8. Playground Balls

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.17.36 PM

These classic rubber playground balls come in a set of three assorted designs. Inflate with standard pump and needle.

9. Play Ring Set

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.18.36 PM

These fun play ring sets can be used in the yard, park, in the pool or at the beach! The big foam-ring paddles have a stretchy nylon center that make toss and catch games tons of fun.

10. Resistance Tunnel

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.18.42 PM

Many children love the feel of climbing through the tunnel. Some of the benefits that can be realized are deep pressure input/touch, increased sense of body awareness, motor skills, balance, coordination, prone extension, and self regulation.

These 10 Summer Olympics Educational Activities from Educents will get kids as excited about the Olympics as you are

May the best olympians win!


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156 Responses

  1. Krystle Cook says:

    The Olympics were always of such fascination when they would come on TV. Having some activities to do at the house would be so cool.

  2. Robin Rue says:

    All of these ideas are so great! My little ones would love to have an Olympics at our own house.

  3. Momina Arif says:

    I love these ideas, They are very creative and seem pretty fun.

  4. Ayesha Heart says:

    These are all amazing ideas! I love everything 🙂 I’m sure kids will have tons of fun with these. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brian Garcia says:

    This is a great list! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think those playground balls will be great for my toddler. Great idea! Thank you!

  7. Len Mooney says:

    nice summary of resources thank you

  8. rain says:

    These are all so cool. We used to do an ‘Olympics’ during the olympics but, we’d do card games, dominos, crossword puzzles. Good times. Love the printables.

  9. peace kairu says:

    never knew this existed, this look great.

  10. I used to love playing bingo. So summer olympics bingo sounds like the perfect fun and educational activity to me.

  11. Such excellent ideas. These will really arouse the competitive spirit in kids! 🙂

  12. Whitney S. says:

    These are such great ideas and activities to keep children interested and involved in what’s going on in the world, since the Olympics are all that everyone talks about now heheh

  13. CourtneyLynne says:

    Oooo so many fun Olympic Games!!! My daughter would love these!!!

  14. Debra says:

    My kids are all about the olympics right now! They would absolutely love doing any of these fun activities!

  15. rachel says:

    Those are fun ideas! My daughter loves sports so these would be great to do with her.

  16. Kim says:

    It’s so great to teach kids about the Olympics, sportsmanship and other countries. I love these ideas to help promote it too!

  17. Nicole Escat says:

    Nice, this is very brilliant. My son is so excited about the Olympics if our country will win a medal or not.

  18. Jenjen says:

    Such a cool and fun idea! Kids will surely enjoy this! 🙂

  19. Such a nice post! Great way to get the kids outdoors and enjoying fresh air.

  20. Angie Scheie says:

    I love this!! The Olympics have always been so fun for me and I hope that my future kids will love them as much as I do. This will definitely help!

  21. Mandy says:

    THis is a great list of activities for getting kids involved in the Olympics. Not only will it help them understand the Olympics but also get them active!

  22. alexandria says:

    I would love to do a Family Olympics one day. I’ve seen those and they look so fun.

  23. Wish my granddaughter was older to try some of these with her! Next time around, if my life is spared. 🙂

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Claudette you are going to be around for a long, long time….so you will be here next Olympics and beyond…

  24. Crystal Gard says:

    These look like great ideas to keep kids happy and learnig!

  25. Michele says:

    These sound like great ways to learn what the Olympics is all about and how they got started. I love the idea of having your own Olympics–get those kids out and playing!

  26. Mamaguru says:

    I love these ideas. My kids and I are having so much fun with the games. Thank you!!

  27. Lauren says:

    these are such cute ideas! My 8 year old is loving the olympics! He’s even watching sports he’s never had any interest in before, like volleyball – so good for kids!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Lauren I think this is a good way for them to get more involved while learning a thing or two

  28. Awesome resources! We are so addicted to the Olympics! I’m already thinking we’re going to have withdrawals when it’s done. So inspiring.

  29. tp keane says:

    I have to admit, the Olympics is much bigger over in the states than I’m used to. I mean yes, it got some attention in Ireland, but not a huge amount. Love that there’s so many things to do and learn about.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Yeah the USA kinda take everything to the next level including the Olympics…LOL

  30. Susan Landry says:

    Great ideas and resources! As a homeschool family, we are always trying to incorporate “real life” into our learning. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Jessica says:

    Such a good idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  32. Sue T says:

    The Olympics Interactive Bundle is my favorite. Indeed, quite handy with you have kids too young to appreciate the games. Surely, it is a better alternative to being glued to smart phones unsupervised.

  33. Jessica says:

    I like the idea of hosting our own backyard olympics. I think my kids would like that too!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Jessica I am sure they will. Just getting them involved I think would be enough for most of them

  34. rachel says:

    I think having your own little olympics at home would be such a neat idea

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Rachel it sure would. It would give the kids something to do as we close out the summer break

  35. I wish there were young kids in the house to play one of these fun activities! My brother is 15 so you can imagine his face is I showed up with any of the activities! lol Maybe my nieces might enjoy them.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      LOL Ana I am laughing so loud because I can well imagine the look on his face

  36. I love this – anyway to make educational activities relevant to what they are interested in at the time is great!

  37. Chelle' says:

    These are great & fun ideas! I am definitely going to incorporate some of these activities with my granddaughter! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Thanks for the recommendations! Pretty interesting, we all have the Olympics fever 😛

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Nicolas, it is always refreshing to see a comment from a male. Thank you and welcome to my page

  39. Erinn Sluka says:

    These are really great. I spent the weekend looking for printables and stories to explain the Olympics to my own son

  40. Cathy M says:

    These are all such fun activities to do for the Olympics season!! I’m totally trying some of these with my nieces and nephews–thanks!

  41. RIO 2016 Summer Olympics are doing awesome and its a huge inspiration to many, I love all these great Ideas to get kids involved and have some fun while learning a bit about what goes on.

  42. Shirley Martinez says:

    Love this idea so much. The olympics is so popular so these activities tie in great

  43. These are fantastic ideas! My little sister and I would always do our “own” Olympics at home…much to the disapproval of our mother…since they normally involved vaulting across furniture and stuff LOL

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Kristen, you had me smiling. My mum used to say I leave you to your own kids…hhahahahaahahahaha..now I get what she was saying

  44. These are all wonderful ideas! Such a lovely way to get kids involved with the Olympics.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Jasmine I believe these are fantastic ideas to get kids into the Olympics spirit and drop in some learning as well

  45. Liz Mays says:

    I especially love the bingo idea. What a fun way to get the kids excited!

  46. Olympics, I love Sport in every form, I love to see people who have done all they can to be the best version of themselves. I get Inspired when i watch the olympics and Rio 2016 is no different! All these activities sound like fun Mardene 🙂

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Julie I love sports as well but I am very selective. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the region I was born in….LOL

  47. Lisa Rios says:

    The RIO 2016 Summer Olympics is rocking the world and these are some wonderful printables which is a great idea to make sure your kids are involved in to it & have some knowledge as well about the event.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Thank you Lisa. I can’t wait to see what these athletes bring to the table. I am especially stoked about the running section

  48. Isn’t Olympic season so much fun and I love that you are getting kids involved too! What sport are you most looking forward to?

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Ana the running section has always been my favourite. We have some great athletes from Jamaica and I cannot wait

  49. Jemma says:

    This is a lovely way to get kids involved with the Olympics. They all sound fun!

  50. Nikki Wayne says:

    Wow. This is very timely. My son was so enthusiast when he saw the news about the Olympic.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Nikki that is great! I wonder which one of these activities he would be interested in

  51. Kiwi says:

    Man I wish I had printable like activities like this as a child. I went to the’96 ATL Olympics and had no idea how important they were but kids know so much more now. This will make it fun!

  52. Kathy says:

    I think these are all wonderful ideas. My girls would have fun with some of these too. I may have to try some of these out with them.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Kathy I hope you do get a chance to try out some of these with your kids. DO share if you do

  53. MomJonz says:

    These sound like fun activities. I know my kids have been glued to the TV and asking about languages of the different countries.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      MomJonz well that is lovely. I hope these activities will be able to answer some of their burning questions

  54. Neely Moldovan says:

    Gotta love olympics time! These are great ideas!

  55. Great idea to get the kids involved in the Olympics. I remembering watching them non-stop when I was kid and having a computer decathlon game that I played all the time.

  56. Chris Shouse says:

    Great ideas for activities the kids can get involved in and understand what the Olympics are all about.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Chris, that is the plan. It is the hope that this will get them thinking about it from now.

  57. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas! All of these look like so much and that my kids would have a blast.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Reesa I have no doubt that the kids will have a wonderful time with these activities

  58. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    What a wonderful ideas! My son and I will try some of this. This is good for our bonding too!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Kathy…oh yeah this is definitely good for bonding with your son. Have fun and do share

  59. This is a great post. It will really help children to become active and have fun at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Yes Annabel and we all know how inactive kids are these days, so this should be excellent to help with that

  60. Jamela P says:

    When I was in school, I would volunteer every year at the special olympics. This is something that I want my kids to do too. I’m going to get them a few of these to help them get ready and excited for it.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Jamela that is a very good idea to volunteer at the Special Olympics. You have given me an idea

  61. Emily says:

    Oh cool! This is very educational. My son will love these.

  62. Milena says:

    I love Educants! This is a great collection. I like tying in educational activities to current events.

  63. jill conyers says:

    Wonderful ideas. We’re an olympic watching family and have events recorded that we can’t watch live.

  64. Nicole Escat says:

    Such a brilliant ideas! I’m loving those Olympics Educational Activities.

  65. jennifer L says:

    This is so great! Will have to do a few of these with my younger cousins so they can get into the Olympic feeling.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Jennifer I am sure that you all will have a ball with whichever one you select. Have fun!

  66. These are so cool and totally educational thank you for sharing

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      And thank you Laura for reading. Please share this with other parents or teachers

  67. Roxanne says:

    These are absolutely awesome! I can’t wait to print these out for my kids to enjoy!

  68. Kristina says:

    So cool! My oldest loves sports and these things can help teach him about the Olympics. Love fun kid activities too! Especially a few more fun things before school starts in two weeks.

  69. I love the Olympic study guide. It’s a great resource for teaching kids about the games and piquing their interest in them.

  70. Amy Jones says:

    My little cousin is really excited about the Olympics so I’m sure she woud love some of these ideas!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Amy well please pass this on to her parents. They might find something useful

  71. Ave says:

    So many great ideas! I think the Summer Olympics Bingo! would be our favorite. We really enjoy watching the Olympics and our daughter is getting interested too.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Ave that is great that your daughter has an interest in the Olympics. These activities should help a great deal too

  72. Wendy says:

    This is such a great resource. Thanks so much for putting it together. I’ll be using some of these for my kids.

  73. Marie Barber says:

    Love all these we homeschool so they are perfect for us i especially like the resistance tunnel.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Marie, I am glad you like them. I lift my hat to anyone who home schools…LOL

  74. Pam says:

    What great ideas. It introduces the kids to the Olympics and they can have fun and exercise too. I bet kids will love this.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Pam I bet they will too….I hope it relieves their perceived boredom during the Olympics and beyond

  75. Kendra says:

    I’m so glad that the Olympics are finally here! Thanks for the great printables!

  76. Thus is such a great gift idea. Olympics fun would be more when bundled with kids activities.Thanks for a great idea

  77. Great olympic activities. I love the olympics and watch as much of it as I can.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Michelle Gwynn aren’t they darling? I think the kids and adults will have a great time with these

  78. Carolyn says:

    I am looking at those printable for the olympics. My boys are 8 and would love to keep up with the different sporting events with those. Thanks!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Carolyn at that age this would be perfect for them to keep up with what is going on at the 2016 Olympics

  79. Amanda Love says:

    Introducing the kids to the sports that they’ll be able to watch in the Olympics is the perfect way to get them interested! These activities are great! They’re going to learn a lot from these!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Amanda I believe so too. This is a great introduction without overwhelming them

  80. I wish I had seen this post earlier! It would have made a great gift for a friend’s child. But I love the Olympic game ideas. Maybe we’ll do something similar in the upcoming weekends.

  81. Elizabeth O. says:

    Those are all amazing! It would be nice to play these with the kids, it’s very educational and it will get them excited for the Olympics! It’s perfect for the summer as well!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Elizabeth, that is a great idea. Great idea for a summer activity even after the Olympics

  82. Kandi says:

    What great resources. I know some homeschooling mom’s that I will pass this along to.

  83. Oh how fun! I’d love to do these games with my kids. Ring toss would be so fun to do.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Dina when I saw them I was like how cool is this. Getting the kids involved and learning something in the process. You can’t beat that

  84. Akhil Sharma says:

    Wonderful checklist to enjoy Olympics. It is good for younger adults as well who are not fully acquainted with Summer Olympics.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Akhil you are so right. There are many persons who have no idea of the history behind the Olympics

  85. Terri Steffes says:

    These are fun! As a retired principal, I often get asked about activities around different subjects. Now I can refer them to you for the olympics!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Aaaaaww Terri thank you so much. I appreciate the gesture. Enjoy your retirement

  86. I like it! My son is so excited for the Olympics, he will love this idea!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Melanie I am happy to hear that you love this idea. Even happier if the kids love it too

  87. Huub Ricardo says:

    We wanted to go to the Olympics, but no available hotel anymore for a reasonable price (like duh!!). Great games, thanks for the share.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Huub I am so sorry. Next time you have to book way ahead of the time for things like this.

  88. Jessica says:

    I am so excited about the Olympics! Thank you for sharing these activities, definitely going to try with my kids!

  89. karen says:

    THIS is such a perfect way to have fun and learn about the sports and the Olympics! What an amazing idea!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Thanks Karen for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated

  90. Vicky says:

    These sounds like great ways for kids to combine the fun of the Olympics with learning activities!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Oh yeah Vicky, they will never be the wiser…LOL…don’t tell them I said so…LOL

  91. tara pittman says:

    My family is excited for the games. We are watching the opening ceremony tonight.

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Tara it is hard to find someone who is not interested in the Olympics. Have fun watching it with your family

  92. What great ideas! This is pretty cool to get the kids involved into something big like the olympics! great idea

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Thank you Melanie…good to let them learn from now about it. Maybe they will stay quiet while you are watching…LOL

  93. Audrey says:

    My boys are so excited to watch the swimming!! What a great idea to make the Olympics educational and have fun at the same time.

  94. I love this idea! Tying the Olympics into kids’ activities is something different that is sure to catch their attention!

    • mardenec@hotmail.com says:

      Carol I sure hope so…LOL…This will teach them a few things while enjoying themselves at the same time