Preventing Hot Car Deaths – Fad Or Possibility?

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Preventing Hot Car Deaths

Is preventing hot car deaths something we should be paying closer attention to? Hot car deaths are becoming way too common place and many are wondering if there is any technology that can be put in place to prevent or even lessen this. Heatstroke is clinically defined as when a person’s temperature exceeds 104 degrees F and their thermoregulatory mechanism is  overwhelmed.  Symptoms include :  dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, hot dry skin that is flushed but not sweaty, loss of consciousness, rapid heart beat, hallucinations (Null, 2016)

In the past two decades, almost 700 children have died after being left in hot cars, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (, 2016)

Preventing Hot Car Deaths

Amid the heat wave in parts of the U.S., there has been a spike in the number of kids who died after being left in hot cars. (CBS News, 2016)

Why is this getting so common or is it just because of the many cases that are being reported? It takes just 10 minutes for the inside of a car to get really hot which is no match for a helpless child. Children’s body temperature heats up four times faster than adults so it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is just bad news all around. I am not here to pass judgement, I am here to ask all of us to be doubly careful and watchful.

Preventing Hot Car Deaths – Examples

3-year-old died in an SUV parked outside a Dallas church.

8 month old left in hot car for about two hours in Baton Rouge

4 year old left in car for several hours in Pennsylvania

2 year old in Annandale, VA (suffered second degree burns)

15 month old in Connecticut

Twin toddlers die in hot truck in Louisiana

Life Saving Technology?

Automakers are working together to help lessen or even prevent so many hot car deaths.   General Motors is hoping that its new technology called Rear Seat Reminder will help to remind parents to check the back seat before leaving a vehicle.  This technology is now available in the new Acadia.

Drivers are also encouraged to download any apps to their smart devices that might help in any way as a reminder of the precious cargo in the backseat.

Bracelet called the Buddy Tag that beeps when your child is out of range

EvenFlo’s smart car seat can sense when a baby is left behind and sound an alarm

Alarm Buckles to attach to car seats can also act as a reminder

Preventing Hot Car Deaths

Hot Car Safety Tips

This list compiled by Patch serves as a great reminder to all of us.

  • Never leave children alone in or around cars; not even for a minute.
  • Put your purse, briefcase, cell phone or lunch in the backseat so you are sure to look before you lock the door.
  • Make it a habit to always open the back door of your vehicle every time you park to make sure no child has been left behind.
  • Keep a large stuffed animal in the child’s car seat when it’s empty; move the toy to the front seat when a child is riding in the car seat as a visual reminder that a child is on board.
  • Place your child’s car seat in the middle of the backseat rather than behind the driver. It’s easier to see the child.
  • Arrange with your day-care center or babysitter that you will always call if your child will not be there as scheduled.
  • Lock your vehicles at all times — even in the garage or driveway – so youngsters can’t climb in without your knowledge.
  • Keep keys and remote openers out of the reach of children.
  • Check vehicles and car trunks first when a child is missing.
  • Take action if you see a child alone in a vehicle. Call 911 immediately.
  • Discuss the issue of hot-car safety with everyone who drives your child, including partners, grandparents, and babysitters.
  • Use drive-through services when available at restaurants, banks, pharmacies, dry cleaners, etc. to remain in the vehicle with your child.
  • Use your debit or credit card to pay for gas at the pump.

We all have to be involved in preventing hot car deaths because children cannot fend for themselves!


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202 Responses

  1. This is something very alarming to me as I have a little one I bring with me every time I drive my 10-year-old to school I guess, we need to be extra careful and mindful that we have a toddler or baby in tow.

  2. Tahnee says:

    Wonderful post! I try not to judge when hearing people mention things like this but you can never be too careful! It is too scary!

  3. I’m gonna generalized here, because well I know accidents happen. But any parent who leave their children inside their car to run even the fastest errand ever, should not be allowed to have that child. Kids shouldn’t be left alone, they are children! Or even dogs, seriously. I think the only way to prevent this, is to just DO NOT leave your kid inside the car. And prevent from going out on extremely hot days.

    • says:

      Ana…sigh…I am hoping that this will bring more awareness to all concerned

  4. Chanel says:

    Wonderful article! I just pinned to spread more awareness. Also, I have never heard of the Buddy Tag but am now buying two for my kids. Thank you!

    • says:

      Chanel I am so happy to know that this article has caused you to buy the buddy tag. Thank you so much for the re-pin

  5. suchi says:

    I am so glad you are creating awareness about this! We hear so many scary stories like this!

  6. Len Mooney says:

    SO important to pay attention to the kiddos and also the animals, especially dogs are easy to forget

    • says:

      Len yes we have to just pay close attention. As the suggestions say leave personal items in the back that way you have to go there before you leave the car

  7. peace kairu says:

    Oh my goodness never knew how serious this was, thank you for this shall be extra careful with kids now.

    • says:

      Peace Kairu, it is beyond serious. Kinda getting out of control but we all have to step in and help when and where we can

  8. This is very important. Awareness is the best way to help prevent such events.I never leave my daughter alone in the car..ever.
    Great advice

  9. Thanks for addressing such an important issue! So glad companies are also creating technologies to help.

  10. Ayesha Heart says:

    Safety first! We always have to keep in mind this before anything else esp when we have kids in the car. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      Ayesha, safety is always priority in general. This is even more so when kids are involved

  11. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    Thank you for the tips. It is important to always stay safe. Accidents are everywhere.

    • says:

      Oh YES Kathy I believe this can happen to anyone. I don’t think any of us are immune

  12. So important to prevent accidents in the summer! You hear so many stories! Loved your post!

    • says:

      Thank you Claudia. Yes it is very important especially during these hot summer months

  13. Kristi says:

    Wow! I didn’t know there were so many cool things to prevent this from happening. It;s heartbreaking when this happens and nice to know some have found ways to help prevent it.

    • says:

      Kristi yes it is really nice to know that everyone is getting on board to save such precious cargo

  14. CourtneyLynne says:

    I’m happy to see awareness for such things… But it’s just so hard for me to believe that this isn’t just a fad thing to talk about…. How do you forget?! Idk… Atleast it’s being talked about!

    • says:

      CourtneyLynne, I am glad that it is being talked about. I just hope that the solutions are not just talk

  15. Andrea says:

    and not just kids – our four-legged friends are affected by this too

  16. Such an important topic. Thanks for posting it! 🙂

    • says:

      And thank you too Theresa for taking the time to read this very important post. Please share if you can

  17. Sarah Jane says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m especially paranoid at accidentally locking my son in the car (which I’ve done before, but thankfully, it was cool weather in the fall at night).

    • says:

      Sarah always happy to hear when things turn our okay after we have blundered

  18. Chris Shouse says:

    A very important topic. I love the progress that has been made to alert parents. The idea of a buddy tag is awesome! Then it won’t matter what car you are in.

  19. Pamela says:

    Love the idea of buddy tag. It’s hard to imagine forgetting your child. It brings tears everytime I hear of another death.

  20. María Hass says:

    This may sound crazy but hot car deaths are a problem in Alaska too. Most people don’t think that being this far north is a concern… We have direct sunlight for about 83 days STRAIGHT in the summer. There’s no dawn or dusk. It has gone up to 84 degrees in Anchorage, and 100 in Fairbanks! Starting in May we see pets dying in cars all the time and people calling on infants too.

    It doesn’t take that much to kill you in a car! Or that long!

    So I also have a lot compassion for moms. Because you can walk down to the dairy aisle, realize you forgot your toddler, run back to the car and already been in trouble. Any tools or reminders that help are praise worthy. I don’t think we should diss Moms who seek help like this.

    • says:

      Maria thanks for sharing this one. You are right, I never would have thought that this would happen in Alaska. Sigh, as I said before, sometimes these parents are struggling to keep their head above water and the mind wanders at times because of it.

  21. Carryn says:

    Great read and awesome tips… I don’t have any children but I hear of this happening way too often. Hopefully tips will save lives

    • says:

      Carryn it is my hope as well that the tips will save the lives of our children

  22. marie says:

    great tips, non judgmental spirit. love it!

    I remember always thinking how could anyone forget? I was never mean about it…just in my heart wondered…. and then it almost happened to me.

    Got my toddler ready, in the car and off we went.

    I was almost to work when she giggled. I was stunned that she was there. Yes… I had forgotten that I did not drop her off and was SHOCKED at the fact that I simply didn’t realize it. I was thinking about what had to be done and her giggle rang through like a bullet!

    Thankfully I got her to the sitters and then got me to work but man…that could have been tragic.

    • says:

      Marie I always say unless I walk a mile in the shoes of the person I should therefore approach with care and caution. Right now I just need us all to be aware and pointing fingers is not going to help a soul

  23. Not judging, just asking a question a parent doesn’t remember they put a child in a safety seat and then gets out of the car forgetting the child? Are we that unconscious as to the people around us?

    • says:

      Annabel I think that is the million dollar question that we are all trying to figure out here…SIGH

  24. Ana says:

    We could have prevailed those deaths by using these technologies. Thanks for creating the awareness!

    • says:

      And thank you Ana for taking the time to visit and read this post. Let’s keep the conversation going

  25. Sydney says:

    These are some great tips and a really well put together resource on such a scary topic. Thank you.

    • says:

      Sydney thank you very much! It was my pleasure to do this research and bring the awareness

  26. Bismah says:

    There is absolutely no need for these deaths to be happening when they are so easily preventable. I can only imagine how those parents must feel. More awareness is definitely needed as well as more accountability.

    • says:

      Mismah I definitely agree with you on the awareness and accountability ticket

  27. Ronnie says:

    It breaks my heart when I hear about these horrible situations happening. I love that there are smart initiatives to prevent it. Every idea can save dozens of lives!

    • says:

      Ronnie absolutely these initiatives are welcome at a time when this situation seems to be getting out of hand.

  28. Rachael says:

    It’s an unusual amount of deaths and incidents for sure.. My younger sister was accidentally locked in a vehicle back in the 90’s before the click and unlock remotes. It was terrible. We had to bust the window to get her out before she got too hot; she was also in a car seat. Anyway, accidents can happen, but let’s pray these rules and guidelines are adhered to as well as the technology advancing to aid in prevention.

    • says:

      As you speak of this, I remember a little boy that this happened to years ago. I guess this has been happening for years but now it is getting more press

  29. Really great tips. It’s so sad and so preventable. The new technology you mentioned is interesting. I feel like it would help a lot, but I think a lot of parents would like that they don’t need it. But it just takes one forgetful moment…

    • says:

      Christine amen to that. All it takes is just one forgetful moment and lives could be lost or ruined…SIGH

  30. I still have a hard time believing that this is an issue, but I feel like I can’t speak much to it due to the fact that our kiddos are still in the womb. It breaks my heart every time I see one of these stories. I hope I’m never distracted enough to need technology to remember my child…

  31. arin says:

    I’m so tired of scrolling through my Facebook, and seeing news of ANOTHER hot-car death. It breaks my heart every single time. Thanks for bringing awareness — we def need it.

    • says:

      Arin my heart is broken each time I see it. Even though many of us do not know these kids it is just hard to take and tears flow

  32. Daria says:

    I live in Baton Rouge and it broke my heart to hear what had happen to this baby. I know this is something this father will deal with for the rest of his life. My heart goes out to him. Truth of the matter, this can happen to anyone of us. We as people, have a lot going on from day to day. It’s easy to say we will never do such a thing, but honestly, we never know when we are in a stressful and how our minds work. We should never past judgement but pray for these people. You just never know when the tables will turn and it could happen to one of us. Thanks for the reminder and sharing this important information.

    • says:

      Daria that is why I keep saying I am not here to pass judgement. Unless we have walked in the shoe it is very hard to speak

  33. The number of lives lost to being left in a hot car is unreal. I pray that something can be done to prevent these deaths in the future. Thank you for helping to shed some more light on this difficult subject.

    • says:

      Elizabeth I also pray that this does not get any worst. That we all do what we can even when it is not our kid

  34. wendy says:

    I can not imagine just “forgetting ” about your kids in the car. Sad situation and one I hope to never see in person. These tips that are great and you did a really good job on this post. This happens way too often for someone not to write about. I think you hit on the head. Maybe people will start paying attention and realize this heat can kill.

    • says:

      Wendy I sure hope that this can help to save the life of even one child. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a meaningful comment.

  35. Rosey says:

    I appreciate that companies are getting more proactive. I hope such warnings become standard on car seats.

    • says:

      Rosey grateful for this companies and gadgets. We have to start getting more proactive for real

  36. It’s so heartbreaking to see news of children dying inside a car.. But I’m so glad people are becoming more aware of it now.

    • says:

      Jasmine heartbreaking is an understatement, trust me. We all need to spread the word and help each other out to save these kids

  37. jill conyers says:

    It’s so sad that this is a needed reminder. It’s hard for me to fathom how hot car deaths can even happen.

  38. HilLesha says:

    I understand that no one is perfect, but it’s astonishing that this continues to happen. I don’t believe a child should be left in a car, regardless what the outside temperature is. It’s truly sad that so many people lack responsibility and common sense! 🙁

    • says:

      HilLesha even if it is for 5 minutes remove that child. You can get distracted and stay longer than planned so bring that child along

  39. So sad and traggic. The same should also apply to pets. It only takes a few minutes for a car to heat up an HD cracking a window does not help. 🙁

    • says:

      Sondra neither pets nor babies can fend for themselves. So neither of them should be left in a hot car

  40. This saddens me every time I hear a story like this but when I hear some of the stories I can understand what happens. If you have a normally chatty child in the back and one ride they are quiet and other things are happening I can see how things happen that aren’t intentional. I always leave my phone/purse/etc in the back by the carseat as an extra assurance that I’ll check back there

    • says:

      Julie that is the best thing to do leave everything in the back seat even when there is no child. That way you have to check before leaving the car

  41. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    There was just a whole conversation about this on the radio. They want to make it a law so this is against the law. Can you believe 1) it already isn’t one and 2) that they need one?!

    • says:

      Reesa I am no longer surprised about anything that happens these days. We have become a bunch of selfish individuals

  42. It is mind-blowing to me that this continues to happen. I realize that people get caught up with life but there is just no excuse for this to be happening.

    • says:

      Toughcookimommy there really is no excuse when you think about it. To be gone for hours and not realize that your child is still in the vehicle in the hot sun is kinda baffling to me

  43. LaQuinda says:

    I’m thrilled to see that technology is being put into place to help prevent these tragedies. I always thought it seemed unfathomable for a person to forget a child in a car until my coworker did it. Fortunately, it was a happy ending and the baby was okay, but it can happen to anyone.

  44. Toni says:

    Technology like a rear-seat reminder would be great. My heart breaks every time I see these news stories. I’m also concerned about the parents who have so much on their minds that they forget about their little ones. It’s such a tragedy.

    • says:

      Toni yes this technology can be a blessing but most of these cost money. We have to just pay closer attention is the first and cheaper step

  45. Kudos for attacking a tough topic. I can’t imagine how you can forget a child. These poor babies.

    • says:

      Shannon these poor babies indeed. The fact is this can happen to anyone and might even happen more often than we think

  46. MomJonz says:

    This is happening more and more these days. I have three kids, and I can’t say that I ever forgot they were in the car with me. That was before everyone worried about what was going on with their phones. I’m not saying this is the cause, but I do believe we are way too distracted these days.

    • says:

      MomJonz you may have a point. Although someone has pointed out that it is possible to happen when a parent is just overwhelmed

  47. Sarah Bailey says:

    You hear more and more about this on the news and it makes me shudder inside. This is such a hard topic to discuss and swallow. Thank you for bringing it to the blog for discussion of what can be done.

    • says:

      It was my pleasure Sarah. A hard topic but nonetheless one that we can no longer continue to sweep under the rug

  48. Jay Simms says:

    This terribly breaks my heart! I do not understand how someone can seriously forget that they have a child in the vehicle. I guess that it does happen but it still is so crazy to me.

    • says:

      Jay I think it is crazy to most people. I have no idea what causes someone to just walk out of a vehicle and forget a baby behind but I guess it happens

  49. It breaks my heart when something like this happens. One time, when we were unloading our groceries, we were thinking where our son was. He was still in the car seat in the car. =/ I would leave my bags and phone in the back now, with him, so that way I’d know to go there for sure.

    | |

    • says:

      Yvonne that is a very good idea. People have so many things on their minds these days that it is quite possible I guess

  50. rachel says:

    This is so, so tragic when it happens. I hope that this new technology makes a difference. What a heartbreaking situatio and a horrible way to die.

    • says:

      Rachel I hope that this new technology can put a dent in this…as well as the other items

  51. karen says:

    THIS is such an important post for all parents out there. Your tips are incredible…especially the technology option. I hope we find less types of deaths in this manner as we continue to learn how to manage this effectively.
    Karen |

  52. It’s really a shame that we have to remind people of this. It’s sort of like having to remind people to keep their kids away from the swimming pool. Isn’t it common sense?

  53. Wildish Jess says:

    I have buddy tags which are nice but I think the new car seat features are a tremendous invention that could help with this issue.

    • says:

      Wildish Jess…this was the first time I heard about the buddy tags. As low tech as they are, they should help some

  54. Heather says:

    I think this is incredibly important! And if there is some new technology that can help with prevention, I am all for it. It is heartbreaking to hear these stories.

    • says:

      Heather it is indeed heartbreaking to hear of the stories. I expect that more companies are going to come on board in the future

  55. Amanda Love says:

    It’s devastating to hear about hot car deaths and these days it’s getting more and more common. It seems like instead of lesser incidents because of what happened in the past, we’re just simply adding more. I don’t get it. I hope people would stop this kind of practice especially when it’s the kids that they’re leaving in the car! I would rather not go out of the house, thanks.

    • says:

      Amanda that is how I feel. I would rather not go myself if I have to leave then in the car. I cannot imagine the suffering as that child succumbed to the heat…..SIGH

  56. Nicole Escat says:

    These are very helpful tips. I am so sad with the reports about hot car deaths, all are very tragic.

  57. It’s so heartbreaking to see news of children dying inside a car because they were left behind. I actually don’t understand how you can forget that your child is in the backseat. I’m glad that companies now are also helping out in upgrading products to prevent another tragedy. Your tips will also bring awareness to many people.

    • says:

      Jerzee I hope the right people get to see this post. It is essential that we pay close attention to this

  58. It is so wrong to leave your children or your pets in the car, on a hot summer day. Any human being should know this by know, after there were so many cases of deaths… unfortunately, these cases still occur and it’s hard to understand how people can be so dumb and not think

    • says:

      Martina its so wrong but it happens. We now have to figure out why this is happening and come up with a workable plan to lessen and eventually stop this

  59. Pamela says:

    Amazing list of tips you’ve shared. This can be a heartbreaking experience. This is the first I’ve heard of technology stepping up and helping to save children in a hot car. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

    • says:

      Pamela and thank you for taking the time to read and leave a meaningful comment

  60. Nikki Wayne says:

    Nice tips. I will share this with my friends who owned cars. This is very informative.

    • says:

      Nikki this should be saved with everyone whether they own cars or not. We all have to look out for these kids

  61. It is awful how these poor kids are left to die alone in the blistering heat. Having something like a buddy tag or the Acadia which reminds parents to check the backseat is a great idea x

  62. Vyjay says:

    It is really sad to see so many lives lost because of this. It is good Auto makers are looking at possible solutions. in the meantime everyone needs to be careful and take all precautions. Great tips and advice in the post.

    • says:

      Vyjay I am encouraged also to see what persons are doing in terms of products. The real need is for all of us to be more careful

  63. Karlyn Cruz says:

    It is very important to bring awareness to people. There are many deaths from terrible accidents like this.

  64. Carolyn says:

    This is so sad that this even happens. Down here in the south the cars are scorching in less than 2 mins sitting in the sun.

    • says:

      It is beyond sad. It is a hard subject to write about but I felt it had to be done

    • says:

      Carolyn it is sad beyond measure. Sad that these poor kids could not even help themselves

  65. Anna says:

    These are really fantastic tips to prevent such a terrible tragedy. I feel the same about folks that leave pets in the car as well. Thank you for sharing these! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

    • says:

      Neither kids nor animals should be left in cars unattended. They both cannot speak for themselves

  66. This topic is incredibly sad, but I’m glad people continue to educate the public. I’ve seen countless viral videos on fb of dogs left in a hot car and I’m always saddened. I’m such a nut when it comes to checking the car multiple times, too. It’s always nice to see a reminder!

    • says:

      Jessica that is the point…I check and recheck even when it is just my belongings in the car much less when kids are involved

  67. Debra says:

    These are so amazing devices to help prevent such a tragedy. Thank you for posting about this and helping people prevent these tragedies.

    • says:

      Debra you are most welcome. It is the hope that this will keep the conversation going.

  68. Elizabeth O. says:

    Although I appreciate that car makers are thinking of ways to prevent this or at least lessen the incidents, they can’t really make it happen unless the people using the cars refrain from staying inside their cars or leaving their kids or pets without proper ventilation. This is definitely more of an attitude change than a technology change.

    • says:

      Elizabeth I agree with you. An attitude adjustment is certainly necessary if things are going to change for the better

  69. There is definitely more p ublicity these days. I can’t even believe how many of these we have read about.

  70. Call it passing judgement if you will…at this point I really don’t care as long as a child dies through parents’ negligence. Recently, I was out with my granddaughter. We were having a fun time driving along and singing. She fell asleep suddenly and was still fast asleep when we got to the shoe store. The trip to the store was to get her some shoes as the ones she had were no longer fitting. I had a couple choices: run in and get her some as I knew the size and it would be easier shopping without her anyway; or sit and wait until she woke up. You saw the pictures on my Facebook profile Mardene, so you know what I did. It is not rocket science folks!

    • says:

      Girl I would rather not buy anything than leave that child alone in a car. I still don’t even get it and I am not sure I ever will. When I get home if is 40 trips I have to make inside to carry items in from the car then it is me and him

  71. These are really good tips. We have to be careful with our babies in the car.

  72. As much as I don’t understand why adult leave the young children in the car in the heat, I try not to pass the judgement. No normal parents want something terrible happen to their children, but some people are indeed clumsy and careless. This post is a great way to rise the awarness of this terrible fact.

    • says:

      Rose and that is why I keep saying I am not here to judge. It is difficult to understand but we still cannot pass judgement

    • You are right but it is difficult to not pass judgment when it’s parents who are supposed to protect their children. We have to be more responsible.

      • says:

        Toughcookiemommy when we become parents we no longer think about ourselves alone. At least that is what I thought. It is like all of a sudden my life resolves around this little person who cannot fend for him or herself

  73. Michele says:

    We all watch out for animals who are left in cars–not so much children–Perhaps we all should keep an eye out for Both animals and children–far too many deaths of both!!

    • says:

      Michele I second that, they both need our help so we have to watch out for them

  74. Paige Strand says:

    Difficult topic, thanks for writing on it!

  75. Terri Steffes says:

    It is mind boggling to me that some one could forget a child but I would never call someone who did that stupid. I cannot imagine the guilt that the person must feel for leaving a child in a hot vehicle.

    • says:

      Terri unless we have walked a mile in their shoes we can’t really say. We have to just remind each other and help each other for the children’s sake

  76. It’s so shocking that people even think about leaving a child (or a pet) in a hot car. I’m so glad people are becoming more aware of it now.

    • says:

      Rachel I am happy that there is more dialogue as well. Hopefully all of us speaking will see less of these incidences

  77. Kim says:

    I didn’t even know they made products to help parents for this matter. I never know how somebody would leave their child in the car, but it happens!

    • says:

      Kim thank God there are quite a few products now. We just need to spread the awareness

  78. Ashley says:

    It always surprises me people have left children or pets in the car. I just don’t understand it.

  79. tp keane says:

    it’s always so sad to hear about poor children killed in hot cars. regardless of whether or not it’s a fade, prevention is better than cure and common sense should tell you that it’s not a fad.

  80. Its great to see how many companies are trying to do something about it.

  81. Kylee says:

    Hey, Mardene – I kind of have a different comment to make on this . I feel that the comments here have been very judgemental towards parents that this horrible tragedy happens to. Yes. It HAPPENS to someone, this is not neglect, or something they intentionally do.

    Raising awareness is GREAT, and using tips to prevent these kind of deaths is awesome. I personally used the “purse in the backseat” tip after LEAVING MY KID IN THE CAR HAPPENED TO ME.

    I’m a good person. I’m a great mom. I love my kids deeply. Post natal fog, exhaustion and change in routine led me to go visit a friend. Ironically, I brought my newborn with me to help her/demo breastfeeding. I stopped at Target to grab something she needed… it was March. I left my 3 week old son in the car. I was in Target, marveling at how quiet it was (I had a 2 year old as well, who was not with me). I was in there 10 minutes, and got back to my car and drove down the street. It wasn’t until I heard a squeak from the 3rd row… that I realized… I had my newborn with me, and I had left him while I was in Target.

    Although he was just fine – **To say I was devastated and shocked is an understatement**

    It can happen to anyone. Thankfully, it was March, I was gone only 10 minutes and my baby is fine (he’s now 2).

    I just wanted to provide an actual experience for you – and show you, it doesn’t matter who you are, or how good a parent you are (or are not)… it can happen. I’m okay with being judged, but I am also the first person to stand up and say “yes. this happens, it’s awful – let’s do what we can to prevent this happening to another parent”

    • says:

      Kylee thank you for putting another spin on this and thank God it was March and that your baby is fine. The time of year can and does make a huge difference

      • Kylee says:

        Yet… I still see plenty of judgement in the comments after mine!

        • says:

          Kylee, one of the things I have learnt is that people will be people. We all are entitled to our opinions so we just have to respect what each other has to say. We all see things from a different perspective

  82. Azlin Bloor says:

    A great post, and really important, especially for parents of babies. We ear too many of these incidents taking place these days.

    • says:

      Azlin way too many. I am not sure what it is going to take for more care to be taken. Perhaps tougher penalties?

  83. Neely Moldovan says:

    I makes me mad that now we see signs on highways warning not to leave your child in the car. isn’t that common sense?

    • says:

      Well Neely clearly it is not. It just seems to be getting to epidemic standing now as far as I am concerned. Just one child is too many in my book.

  84. Brittany says:

    This makes me so sad whenever I see a story of it on the news. I’m glad car companies are trying to think of ways to prevent this. I can’t imagine the heartache and guilt these parents feel. Great article

    • says:

      Britanny I cannot imagine the pain when that parent goes back to that car and sees that child. I do not even want to think about it

  85. Klaudia says:

    I am SHOCKED ! It just can’t be , that mothers leave their babies in cars ??? If they wouldn’t die of the heat , how’s about getting robbed ?! How is this possible ??? I am really almost speechless …. I am not comparing babies with dogs , but I am always fuming when brainless people leave their dogs in cars in that heat and police has to smash their car windows to rescue the poor dogs , if ever … But leaving your child in a car … unattended ??? What mothers are that ?!

    • says:

      Klaudia I was just observing that many of the times it seems like this is done by fathers. Whether father, mother or guardian though, we must pay closer attention to our kids. Pets are vulnerable as well because like babies they cannot stand up for themselves

  86. Great tips for bringing awareness to such a horrifying thing tha happens way to often. I can’t understand for hte life of me how someone can leave a child or pet in the car.

    • says:

      Ann Marie I am trying to understand the state of mind of these persons but try as I might I can’t. I realize that a lot of times it is men who do this and perhaps we need to start there

  87. Cait says:

    Great post for the summer months! Hearing news like deaths mentioned is heart breaking.

    – Cait |

    • says:

      Cait, my heart is aching just to hear another one. I want this to stop so if this can help even one parent pay closer attention then I would have achieved something

  88. tara pittman says:

    It is shocking the amount of car deaths there are. These are important tips for parents to follow to prevent another death.

    • says:

      Tara I totally agree with you, just one is too many. We all have to look out for these kids and pets as we go along our daily lives, even if they are not ours

  89. it still perplexes me how people forget their kids in the car. How does one forget their own child.

  90. Nellwyn says:

    Wow I can’t believe that unnecessary deaths like this are still happening! So sad!

    • says:

      Nellwyn I honestly cannot believe it either. Still trying to figure out how this could happen…big sigh

  91. Incredible…WHAT? Leave your baby or pet in the car on a hot day while you go sopping, even for 5 mins! Its amazing how some parents or carers need head checking. Totally unthinkable, yet clearly its happening. Thanks for the information Mardene!

    • says:

      Julie I am also amazed at the punishment for some of these incidences. Also the fact that people are afraid of breaking a window to rescue a child or animal for fear of being sued is just as baffling

  92. Debbie says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity of people leaving their child/pet in a car unattended when its a scorching day. Good tips and good reminders here.

    • says:

      Debbie each time this happens, I keep asking myself how is this even possible.

  93. Liz Mays says:

    I can’t imagine taking a chance like that or forgetting a child in the car, but it obviously happens too often. I love the idea of putting your purse in the backseat so that you’re sure to check.

    • says:

      Liz I wish I could say I understand how this could happen. But try as I might I cannot wrap my head around the whole thing.

  94. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    There is a law where I live now that a passerby is allowed to break the car window if they see a child or animal left in a hot car. They just have to notify the police first.

    • says:

      Robin there should be a law in every state for this. I am shocked that people should have to be protected by law for rescuing a child from what would be obvious death.

  95. It is incredible that we have to talk about this and actually get people informed. This is so important and can happen to anyone. Thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      Adriana every summer is like this gets on steroid. Is it that persons are not watching the news or reading? I don’t get it

  96. it is so crazy that people leave kid especially babies in a hot car or in a car at all. Especially these days.

    • says:

      Heidi I am trying to understand it. As I said I do not want to judge but I just do not get it

  97. Scott says:

    With all the press that these deaths get, it completely amazes me that anyone would still leave ANY living thing in their cars. I guess lots of dumb people out there.

    • says:

      Scott that is what I am wondering. Are they not listening to what is going on around them? This has been in the news almost every week and still the amount of deaths keep climbing.

  98. These are great tips to bring awareness to a horrifying tragedy, that happen too often. Thank you for creating this great post on a difficult subject matter.