Death Of Men’s White Handkerchiefs?

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Men’s White Handkerchiefs

Are men’s white handkerchiefs a dying breed? When was the last time you saw a man with a white handkerchief? I thought about white handkerchiefs this weekend as I watched the Intern.

Men's White Handkerchiefs

In the movie, one of the young interns asked Ben (older intern), why he always had a pocket handkerchief.   Ben told the young man that he carried the handkerchief in case a lady needed it, he always wanted to be prepared just in case a lady needed help and comfort because that’s what good men do.   I think there is something debonair and dashing about a man who has a crisp white handkerchief in his pocket.   It is even more intriguing when he hands this handkerchief to a damsel in distress without worrying that he might never get it back.   I wonder if we will ever see this trend return or is it that it never went anywhere? hmmmmmmmm

History of the Handkerchief

For centuries handkerchiefs have been used by men and women to wipe hands or face; to blow noses, to wipe away tears or simply as accessory in a suit pocket.   Some believe the handkerchief originated in China but wherever it originated, handkerchiefs  quickly came to symbolize social status and wealth.

Handkerchiefs have been with us in the small moments – dabbing a baby’s chin, wrapping a child’s cut finger, catching a tear while watching An Affair to Remember for the umpteenth time, and  the major moments – a bride’s tears of joy, a widow’s deep despair, a marine tucking his wife’s perfumed hankie over his heart.

Kerchief was the common word for a long time before persons started using the term handkerchief.

Men's White Handkerchiefs

Men’s White Handkerchiefs As Pocket Squares

Pocket squares have become a visual fashion item for many men on numerous occasions. According to Wikipedia pocket squares can range from the austere to the flamboyant:

  • The Presidential, perhaps the simplest, is folded at right angles to fit in the pocket.
  • The Westo Four Point fold, the quickest way to achieve a four-point fold effect.
  • The TV Fold looks similar but is folded diagonally with the point inside the pocket.
  • The One-point Fold is folded diagonally with the point showing.
  • The Two-point Fold is folded off-center so the two points do not completely overlap.
  • The Three-point Fold is first folded into a triangle, then the corners are folded up and across to make three points.
  • The Four-point Fold is an off-center version of the Three-point Fold.
  • The Cagney is basically a backwards version of the Four-point Fold.
  • The Puff or the Cooper is simply shaped into a round puff.
  • The Reverse Puff is like the Puff, except with the puff inside and the points out, like petals.
  • The Astaire is a puff with a point on either side.
  • The Straight Shell is pleated and then folded over to give the appearance of nested shells.
  • The Diagonal Shell is pleated diagonally and then folded.

It is said that handkerchiefs are much more environmentally friendly than a box of tissue.   Yet I rarely see handkerchiefs in use any more, or perhaps I am not looking in the right places. I would love to  see more men adding white handkerchiefs to their wardrobe.   I just think it adds such a sense of style and what better way to make the acquaintance of a lady by offering a shoulder to cry on with a white handkerchief to blow her nose!

Men's White Handkerchiefs

Are you a fan of men’s white handkerchiefs?  Is this something that deserves a comeback or do you feel like it never went anywhere in the first place?  Father’s Day is almost here, why not surprise that special gentleman with a box of white handkerchiefs?


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230 Responses

  1. marie says:

    I know a couple of guys who carry them in their pocket but not to many anymore.

    • says:

      Marie I have not seen this in quite a while. Since writing the post I have started paying close attention though

  2. I love a crisp white handkerchief! But I know my husband prefers a more “funky” style with a little color!

  3. The only hankies I ever see are my FIL and pap who carry them in their pants to blow their noses lol. Or at a wedding.

    • says:

      Brittany….you had me smiling there. Weddings are where you would find white hankies mostly

  4. Valerie Robinson says:

    I think you’re right- I rarely see white hankies. My dad always carried one!

    • says:

      Valerie welcome to the club for persons with fathers and grandfathers who carried white handkerchiefs

  5. you are so right as it has been a long time since I’ve seen one of these bad boys! I am all for bringing them back as I think it’s kinda sexy seeing it peek out of a man’s suit lapel. 😉

    • says:

      Laura absolutely, it is indeed sexy to see it peeking out…all mysterious…

  6. Koninika says:

    Such a novel concept and unique idea about s post write up. It’s beautifully researched and thoroughly investigated. I felt I was reading a magazine article about handkerchiefs. I learned a lot from your post. Enjoyable !

    • says:

      Koninika thank you so very much for your kind words and many thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am grateful you stopped by

  7. Ramona C says:

    I like handkerchiefs; but I agree, you don’t see them very often. However, I do love to see a man with a pocket square and a nice suit.

    • says:

      Ramona I love to see it as well. There is just something about that white handkerchief that changes the status of that outfit

  8. Andrea says:

    Not just white handkerchiefs – of an era that once was

    • says:

      Andrea you are so right…we are mourning more than the white handkerchiefs I tell you

  9. I’m not a fan of handkerchiefs because in the south, they are used like a tissue and that’s just nasty – wiping mouth, hands and nose. Pass!

  10. My dad always carried a handkerchief. I remember finding stacks of embroidered handkerchiefs in his drawer. I don’t know when he stopped doing that, and it is sad that a long tradition is ending, but for health reasons disposable tissues are probably better, although less debonair – you don’t have to carry germs in your pocket all day with a pocket pack of tissues.

  11. Joanna says:

    I really can’t tell the last time I saw a man with a handkerchief unless it is a formal event. A lot of younger men walk around with a small rag though. :-/

    • says:

      Joanna I do not have a problem with the small rag at all…I think there is a time and place for everything and the white handkerchief has its own place

  12. Sheila says:

    One of my most prized possessions is a white handkerchief which was my grandfather’s. He passed away and my grandmother sewed his initial into is so I could carry it with me on my wedding day.

  13. samantha says:

    I just watched The Intern a couple days ago! I think it’s cute as an idea, but not so hygienic in practice haha.

    • says:

      Samantha I loved the intern. Using a hankie is no worst than using tissue in my mind. All you have to do is wash the hankie when you are done…

  14. Lyndia says:

    This was a very informative post. I had no idea of all the ways a handkerchief could be folded. The only men I see use the handkerchief are the pastor and a few men in the congregation.

  15. They may say they are environmentally friendly but they to me are kind of gross. Think about about it your holding your snot and carrying it around then shaking peoples hands.

    • says:

      Mihaela I think when they say environmentally friendly they are referring to the fact that it is not going into the landfill. Even when you use tissue you are still going to shake someone’s hand and it is gross just the same. We just need to cleanse our hands after blowing our nose whether with tissue or hankie

  16. She Joh says:

    I think it’s so cute and classic when guys carry handkerchiefs. There is so much about them I did not know about. Great article!!

    • says:

      She Joh I think it is cute and classic as well. Thank you for stopping by

  17. Kim says:

    When we go out to a fancy place my husband uses a handkerchief. My father did as well… although not white, they used them.

  18. tabitha says:

    I loved The Intern! Such a sweet movie and I absolutely love the idea of handkerchiefs coming back!

  19. Marshas says:

    So true, something you don’t really see any more. I wouldn’t mind if they brought it back. It’s a classic. Some of these new designs are a bit much if you ask me.

  20. Pamela says:

    My dad and husband still carry them. My husband was playing the piano for a convention. They asked a visiting pianist to play. There was a rough place on one of the keys and she cut a finger. My husband gave her his hanky to wipe the blood off the piano! Then there was my friend who took his hanky out in church…but when he started to use it realized it was one of his wife’s panties. So the men better make sure it’s a hanky they are stuffing in their pocket!

    • says:

      Pamela…..LOL….are you serious? Its a good thing there were no cameras around…..this is too funny

  21. Di says:

    My dad and grandad always carried linen hankerchiefs but honest I don’t know ANY man than does anymore. Even my Dad doesn’t now. He has a package of tissues instead. But then I don’t see women needing comforting often either…

    • says:

      Di I guess women are no longer the weak ones…..LOL…I wonder why they no longer need comforting? hmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. Melanie says:

    My dad still carries a white handkerchief. I think there is something debonair about them and it’s a very gentlemanly thing to do to hand one to a lady. It reminds me of all those romance novels i used to read lol

    • says:

      Melanie I believe so too….debonair is the word that comes to mind each time I think of a white handkerchief

  23. jill conyers says:

    Interesting. I’ve never given men’s handkerchiefs much thought until now. I’m sure my husband has a few.

    • says:

      Jill I totally forgot about these things for such a long time. Thanks to the movie – The Intern…it is all over my mind now.

  24. Donna Shana says:

    Yes, ma’am. Just the other day I was headed to a graduation and I was grabbing some paper towles off the roll in the kitchen, my husband, said what are you doing. I’m like, you know Im going to sweat,. He said wait a minute- left the room and came back with a handkerchief! I was more than thrilled. I said look at my baby! LOL

    • says:

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Donna you have a fine gentleman there….No tissue on that day please..LOL

  25. Anna Nuttall says:

    I remember on my wedding day taking my husband white handkerchiefs and wiping the sweat on it – not relize it was hired. Ooops lol xx

  26. Tiffany says:

    There are so many fashion styles that have seem to disappear in favor of more casual styles. I love casual looks but I still have a place in my heart for the distinguished look that a good suit and a great pair of stockings can give. I definitely love seeing a man with a nice handkerchief in his pocket!

    • says:

      Tiffany I agree with you. I see no reason why both aspects can’t run side by side instead of just throwing it away

  27. Rosey says:

    Oh man, you took me back. I remember my grandparents carrying a kerchief. I forgot all about it being called that too!

  28. K. Lee Banks says:

    What a fascinating history lesson on a topic I had never thought about! I vaguely recall my Dad keeping handkerchiefs (he just called them hankies) in his suit pocket on Sundays when we went to church. I’m not sure they were always white, though; seems like they were often color-coordinated with his shirts.

    • says:

      K.Lee the colored ones can work too when they coordinate with other items of clothing. But you have to admit there is just something about that white hanky

  29. Lisa Rios says:

    My husband uses a white handkerchief most of the time & the history of these kerchiefs are quiet interesting. I love to collect as many as different kerchiefs that has floral designs while my husband prefers anything simple & plain.

    • says:

      Lisa sounds like how most men think re the difference in your hanky taste

  30. My mom keeps giving us these expensive, fancy handkerchiefs, but my husband would not touch them with a ten-foot pole. I keep giving them to the kids to use as Barbie blankets. LOL

    • says:

      Oh no…LOL….Eva does your mum know that this is what you do with her well thought about gift? LOL

  31. chris says:

    Finishes off a suite perfectly and I would never leave the house without one… although I am British 🙂

    • says:

      Chris that is fantastic….there are few persons who still do that today so I am glad to see a proud “kerchief” carrier…LOL

  32. lalaine says:

    I remember growing up, a freshly-pressed handkerchief was always part of my school uniform. My mom would have a meltdown if I went out without one. I guess the use of handkerchiefs has long passed.

    • says:

      Lalaine…I remember pressing handkerchiefs for my dad…they were so easy to press anyway…LOL

  33. Angie Scheie says:

    I enjoyed learning about the history of the handkerchief! I think they look great with formal looks, although the concept of them seems odd for blowing noses :(. haha.

    • says:

      LOL @ Angie….I am not even going there with the blow nose part of things. But do you realize that most times when you see it in a movie where the lady gets one…many times she blows her nose into it and of course I would not want that back

  34. This is so interesting and I think white handkerchiefs are still the best!

  35. This was mentioned in a movie I watched recently. Maybe The Intern? And I thought…where are these handkerchiefs because I’ve NEVER met someone who has had one, but the concept is so cool! xx Adaleta Avdic

    • says:

      Adaleta it was while watching the Intern that I got the idea for this post

  36. Kathy says:

    I actually don’t see this anywhere anymore. My grandpa always used one of them though. He was the only one I can remember that actually used one.

    • says:

      Kathy it is amazing that almost everyone remembers their grandpa using one of these

  37. Echo says:

    It does seem to be dying out, but I wish it would make a comeback! It’s so classy.

    • says:

      Echo because it is so classy I am going to do all I can to see it come back

  38. angie says:

    it seems to be a dying art but I truly love the point it carries across not just wealth but social status as well

    • says:

      Angie what can we do to bring it back is my question? It is such a classy thing that it would be great to revive it

  39. Mhaan A says:

    I have never seen a man carries a white hanky in my whole life. Even my husband.

    • says:

      Mhaan I am sorry you have never seen it but it is really something to behold

  40. Teresa says:

    Sadly, it’s definitely not something you see as often anymore. However, my grandpa always carries one and I will treasure all of the times he had it handy for when I needed it as a child. Handkerchiefs will always hold a special place in my heart.

    • says:

      Teresa me too…it is sad that we do not see this as often but as I keep saying it is not too late

  41. HilLesha says:

    I can’t really say that I pay much attention if a man carries one or not, but I love the history behind it! I also didn’t know there are so many ways to wear one.

    • says:

      HilLesha thank you very much for stopping by. Until I started researching I had no idea about that aspect of it either

  42. alexandria says:

    I do remember seeing these a lot more when I was younger. I guess all trends come and go, right?

    • says:

      Alexandria that is the beauty about fashion….we might see a comeback because fashion seems to come full circle

  43. Siniciliya says:

    This is so interesting, I really enjoyed your post! You know, I love classics, good manners. I also love it when women act like ladies and men act like gentlemen. I would love that trend to come back.

    • says:

      Siniciliya you made me smile….I love classics and good manners too…

  44. brianna says:

    My dad still carries one of these. I was actually just thinking the other day about white handkerchiefts and how I never see anyone sing them anymore.

    • says:

      Brianna I have a feeling white handkerchiefs are going to make a come back. When it does I will be right here to report…LOL

  45. I’ve always found those white hankies inside those pockets to be unusual. However, it was really nice to have read some interesting information about these things, especially the different kinds and forms. Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I last saw the men in my life using one.

    • says:

      Well Karlaroundtheworld I am happy to have been of service to you…LOL

  46. Jessica says:

    My dad and grandpa always carried a white one! I wish more men in our generation carried them.

    • says:

      Jessica so many of us have memories of our dads and grandpas carrying the famous white handkerchiefs

  47. Growing up with my grandparents in Spain, I can recall my grandfather always having a white handkerchief with him. There is just something so gallant about men back in the day being true gentlemen.

    • says:

      Toughcookie yes, yes and yes again…gallant is a fair word to use to describe it

  48. Nicole Escat says:

    I think white handkerchiefs are still the best, men using handkerchiefs are the cutest. My hubby still uses a handkerchief.

    • says:

      Nicole that is lovely! Handkerchiefs are still used though not as often as before

  49. Sara Buckner says:

    This is such a good post about men’s fashion! i think they should come back, there’s something more classy about a man with a handkerchief. I’m not against the colored ones too. 🙂

    • says:

      Sara I hear you loud and clear and I totally agree with you….#bringbackthewhitehanky

  50. Wendy says:

    My grandfather always carried one. I would love to see a comeback.

    • says:

      Wendy so did my father and grandfather. Many of the older gentlemen still carry white handkerchiefs

  51. rachel says:

    My grandpa always has and still carried handkerchiefs! this definitely reminded me of him.

  52. Milena says:

    My older brother still carries a handerchief as does my mom. I think it would be nice for it to make a come back.

    • says:

      Milena I think it would be nice too. I am going to do my part to start teaching this to the young men at my church and see where it goes

  53. Ryan Escat says:

    I use handkerchief every time I go out but lately, I am finding my son’s towelette in my pocket. I think when you became a dad, you will carry out things for your son instead.

    • says:

      Ryan…that is so true. All bets are off once we become parents. Well I hope you get a chance to teach him about the white handkerchiefs…LOL

  54. Danne Reed says:

    I think a man with a white handkerchief looks lovely, neat and very manly. For me, wearing a handkerchief is not only a woman’s thing.

    • says:

      Danne it most certainly is not only a woman’s thing. It really does add something extra to that suit

  55. Lexie Lane says:

    Very interesting ways to fold a handkerchief. I haven’t seen men using a handkerchief, I think they are either shy to use one or our society no longer accept it.

    • says:

      Lexie I would not say society no longer accepts it. I think most young men are not even aware of this

  56. My Dad always carries one 🙂 But my Hubby does not. Def a dying trend.

    • says:

      Julie it seems to be a dying trend but one that can easily revived if you ask me

  57. I can never leave the house with a handkerchief. Not a fan of whites, though. I prefer printed ones.

    • says:

      Czjai.. I am totally the opposite, I definitely prefer the white…something magical about the white…LOL

  58. Heather says:

    I love them! But, I never see anyone using them anymore, except for very formal occasions. My mom just brought home a bunch of my grandfather’s handkerchiefs from my Nana’s house. They are all really cool.

    • says:

      Heather that is so cool…I would really love to see them. When I was Youth Fellowship President we had something called Handkerchief and tie night for men

  59. Patty Beggs says:

    Funny I never thought about mens handkercheifs – something I took for granted, but since men don’t wear suits anymore I guess they do not have a need to. Interesting article.

    • says:

      Patty at some point in their lives boys need to know how to wear a suit before they need to…

  60. Debra says:

    I loved hearing that Rachel’s grandpa carried plaid ones. I haven’t seen someone with a handkerchief in forever!

    • says:

      Debra I smiled at the plaid handkerchiefs myself. It seems that this is the favourite one for farmers

  61. It is true, it has been a long time since I have seen a guy with pocket squares and handkerchiefs. I think they should wear them more often!

  62. Roy Miller says:

    Call me old fashioned. I still carry a handkerchief every day. And I do use it many times to wipe the noses of my grandson’s.

    • says:

      Roy nothing old fashioned about that in my book. I think it is a bold and fabulous move for any man to add handkerchiefs to their outfit

  63. Tania says:

    What a lovely post! My husband used to always have a handkerchief on him, and while I love the gentlemanly nature of it, I found the thought of washing them quite off putting. After your glorious article, I am ashamed to say, it’s my fault he stopped using them.

    • says:

      Tania you had me smiling….well you can give him the gift of white handkerchiefs this Father’s Day. I am sure he would be only too thrilled

  64. Elizabeth O. says:

    You’re absolutely right, kids these days no longer carry handkerchiefs and it’s a little disappointing. It’s become very rare and you mostly see them in the older men. By the way, I really enjoyed that movie!

    • says:

      Elizabeth I am glad you got to watch the movie. Kids pretty much so what they see adults do for the most part so we have to teach them these things

  65. Super cool article, I love handkerchiefs they are so classic and most gentleman use one that is characteristic of their personality.

    • says:

      Adriana thank you so much for your kind words. Oh yes handkerchiefs add a sense of class to an outfit

  66. Carrie says:

    My husband doesn’t carry one but my father, both of my grandfathers carried one and my husbands father still carries one. I think they are great.

    • says:

      Carrie I realize that it is the older men who still carry the while handkerchiefs. We therefore have to start teaching this to our young men

  67. Cathy Mini says:

    My dad still uses a white handkerchief. I’m sad to see this tradition going away now.

  68. chastity says:

    My dad uses them! Although not as much lately, but if he is dressed up I can count on him having one in his pocket.

    • says:

      Chastity and I can bet he looks all stately when he has added his white handkerchief. It does something extra to that outfit

  69. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I too remember my grandfather using them. It’s been a long time though since I have seen someone with one!

    • says:

      Reesa I did not even realize that until I saw the movie. I am going to be on the lookout each time I am out to see if I can spot any

  70. tp keane says:

    My father uses these still. I’ve never liked the idea of holding onto… you know what. But I love the pocket squares, they’re so stylish.

    • says:

      TP Keane yes you have to admit that the pocket squares are really stylish

  71. I remember my grandfather using it when I was little. But I guess it is no the tradition now

    • says:

      Ana I think most of is have memories of our fathers or grandfathers using the white handkerchief. Where has it disappeared to? I think I am going to find out

  72. Ali Gilbert says:

    This reminds me of that scene from “You’ve Got Mail” where Meg Ryan says, “it’s a handkercheif…oh my, does nobody know what a handkercheif is anymore?!” haha. 🙂

    • says:

      Ali I did not even remember that scene….I watched that movie so long ago. I guess it was getting extinct from that time, we just did not realize it

  73. Amy Jones says:

    I can’t recall the last time I saw a man with a white handkerchief…but I still think they look very handsome when they wear it in the pocket of a tuxedo

    • says:

      Amy I still think so too….no matter who that man is, he puts in that white handkerchief and he flips the script

  74. Last year I was in the park and got something in my eye and this man offered me his hankie. That was so nice. Maybe more men are carrying then then you think. And I love cufflinks. My son thinks French Cuffs are the only way to go.

    • says:

      Michelle that may very well be true. I guess I might not be paying attention as I should. Oh yeah cuff links are fabulous too

  75. Sophia says:

    Very interesting and great facts to know.

    • says:

      Thank you Sophia for taking the time to stop by and for leaving a comment

  76. Now that you mention it, I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a white handkerchief. I do feel like tissues are more sanitary, especially if dealing with strangers.

    • says:

      Michelle I most certainly would not want the hanky back if I gave it to someone to use. That much I can tell you

  77. Jamie says:

    I live in the south, and I often see older gentlemen with white handkerchiefs, but I hadn’t ever really thought about it – you never see younger generations with them. Definitely not anyone my age. Hmm.

    • says:

      Jamie I think we can fix that problem by teaching this to our young men from an early age.

    • tp keane says:

      We have come to the age of disposability, I guess. Everything is thrown away now.

      • says:

        LOL @ TP Keane, I guess so. That does not mean they can’t learn what a nice crisp handkerchief can do for them though

  78. rebecca says:

    I know my father has many still. It was just the way it was in the country. I’m sure I remember all the men wearing them to church growing up and usually with one in the pocket of their overalls during the week.

    • says:

      Rebecca it sure was a thing in the earlier years and I think it is something we should not allow to get lost

  79. Amanda says:

    I love a man with a hankie but I married a rocker (which I love even more!). I never knew there were so many ways to fold them!

  80. Diedre says:

    I never thought about the history of the handkerchief until I read your post. I can remember men in my church, especially the pastor using them. This was incredibly interesting!

    • says:

      Diedre perhaps that is where we should start this trend again…right there in the church

  81. What an interesting post — for me it brings back memories. As a little girl, I used to fold my father’s handkerchief each morning when he got dressed, and placed it in his pocket. And…believe it or not…I saw Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank offer his handkerchief recently to a young woman who was tearing on the show. Very galant!

    • says:

      Carol I like that word….GALANT!….because that is exactly what it is….a very noble gesture. I too used to iron my dad’s handkerchiefs…he paid such close attention to them….sigh

  82. Amber Nelson says:

    I love any color handkerchief, actually. There’s nothing wrong with white!

    • says:

      Amber I love all colors but there is just something special about a crisp white handkerchief

  83. Like I said to you elsewhere, this is something that I have not thought about in a while. However, now that you have brought up the subject – you are right, it has been awhile since I have seen a man wearing one. It looked so stately back then. Thanks for a wonderful reminder.

    • says:

      Claudette the movie just brought back such great memories. That white hankie really did look stately, no wonder it was a status symbol earlier on

  84. Colette S says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. So delightful!
    And yes yes yes! The handkerchief should definitely come back.
    I love seeing a man all dressed up and debonair with a lady on the arm and with handkerchief.

    I wasn’t born in those days but yes, it should return and so should the dressing of men in a nice suit, instead of just jeans and tee every day , all day!

    Great post!

    • says:

      Colette thank you so very much for your kind words. I absolutely agree with you

  85. This was really interesting. My father always has one

    • says:

      Yes Rebecca many of our parents and grandparents never left home without them. I remember my dad ironing his white hankies

  86. Neely Moldovan says:

    This was really interesting. My grandfather always had one

  87. Cristina says:

    I love the style a handkerchief brings. But holding a mucky yucky handkerchief in your pocket does not sound like something i’d like my husband to do! But for an elegant decoration? yes!

    • says:

      Cristina I don’t think anyone would find a mucky handkerchief appealing at all

  88. I love a Man with a Hankie and My hubby loves them too, In fact he buys loads of them. I am gonna surprise him with some this Fathers day 🙂

    • says:

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw Julie you go girl. I am sure he would be happy to receive such a gift

  89. This is perfect timing. My boyfriend and I are attending a wedding this upcoming weekend and we were discussing what we’d be wearing. I might suggest he wear a white handkerchief in his suit pocket, it’s perfect for Summer!

    • says:

      Caitlyn that sounds fabulous….do post a pic of that if you can please

  90. Robin Ruehrwein says:

    I remember the men in my family wearing these! I always loved the look.

    • says:

      Me too Robin, there is just something extraordinary about that look

  91. Krystle Cook says:

    It seems like this generation just has no reason to wear them maybe. Suits are definitely not the style of the young men today (for the most part).

    • says:

      Robin I think we should start giving them a reason to start wearing them again

  92. maria @closetohome says:

    I can’t remember what movie I was watching recently, oh yes the Intern and the handkerchief was an object in that movie too. My dad did not really use one that I remember.

  93. I love the look of the handkerchief and I enjoyed learning more about them. However I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to blow my nose into one – they are too crisp and white!

    • says:

      LOL @ Rachel… I could not bring myself to do it either. As I said they are so think that I fear it would be all over my hand and that is just too gross for me

  94. I love the idea of handkerchiefs. My husband still wears one in his coat pocket from time to time, but he always carries a few sheets of kleenex in his pocket for the same purpose. Whenever I need tissue or if he is present when I cry at a funeral, he has a handkerchief or tissue.

  95. karen says:

    What a cool post to read and learn more about this mens fashion statement! I never knew… but how cool. And yes, bring them back. Love the chic look of them. Very sophisticated!
    Karen |

    • says:

      Karen it is really a sophisticated look. I think it takes a suit to a whole different level

  96. Stephanie Ortez says:

    I’m a fan of handkerchiefs! if you’re crying and a gentleman hands you his handkerchief…guys nowadays just look at you like you’re crazy or something. I want a guy from a Jane Austen book handing me his handkerchief with his initials on it ahhhh….

  97. Kimberly says:

    The last time I saw a man with one was my grandfather who passed away in 2005. He always had one on him but given his age, he was from an era that had a lot of class.

    Kimberly |

    • says:

      Kimberly you are right about the class thing….that is what is missing these days…no sense of class

  98. Joely Smith says:

    How bizarre! I have in my drafts on my blog a post similar to this! I also wrote one on women’s handkerchiefs! I LOVE THEM and YES PLEASE COME BACK! My husband uses pocket squares but only when dressing up. My grandfather ALWAYS had a “hankie” on him. Thanks this post was awesome if you ask me! 🙂

    • says:

      Thank you Joey and I would love to read your post on women’s hankerchiefs

  99. I have Intern on my list to watch and now itis going to climb closer to the top of my list. My Father in law still always carries a handkercheif.

  100. Debra C. says:

    My Dad still carries a white handkerchief, unless he’s working in the yard and then it’s a red or blue one. I’m with you – they need to make a comeback! 😀

  101. Heather says:

    Well my dad is 70 and he still carries a pocket handkerchief. I don’t know of anyone else who does, though. I am all about disposable tissues now if I am honest LOL. As for pocket squares, I see a lot of guys with them – white and other colors. Love those!

    • says:

      Heather …..hahahahhaahhaha…I am all for the tissue over the handkerchief for nose wiping too

  102. Delaine says:

    Very interesting post, I really need to watch this movie. Now to think about, I really don’t see them around as much. Very well written

    • says:

      Delaine, please watch it when you get a chance. It is supposed to be comedy but there were so many lessons that one could learn from that movie. Thank you for your kind words

  103. Jen Becerril says:

    it seems to be a thing of the past.My grandfather used to carry one.I do have very good memories of how handsome he looked with one tucked in his pocket:)

    • says:

      Jen that is what I was thinking to myself when I was watching the movie. Seems like so long ago this was the thing, now I can trying to think when was the last time I saw any such thing

  104. tara pittman says:

    The handkerchief looks so classy until one needs to use it. My dad has one on uses it all the time and it looks nasty.

    • says:

      Tara I would imagine that it would look nasty if it is not washed often. These are delicate so must be washed often

  105. My dashing husband still carries a white kerchief every day! He learned from his dashing dad and uncle.

    • says:

      Aaaaaaawwww Terri that is so sweet. I know you must be proud of him, I can hear it in your tone…Lovely

  106. I wish more men still carried handkerchiefs! I really think they are so debonaire! Maybe I’ll try to convince my hubby to start carrying one! 🙂

    • says:

      Lisa you can start by getting some white handkerchiefs for him this Father’s Day. It is really so debonaire

  107. Joanna says:

    I love your blog design. I like how you have the little pop up with the social media on the ads and it does not interrupt the reading and how you also reference where you found your sources!! Great work!

  108. My dad still carries a handkerchief to this day. I don’t know that I would ever want him to offer me his though, because he has allergies and is always blowing his nose in his! That being said, I do love the old fashioned ways and manners! We need more civility these days, don’t we?

    • says:

      Chloe you are too funny re your dad and his hanky…LOL…Oh yes totally, we need more civility these days but we have to teach it to the younger ones or they won’t know

  109. I always enjoy learning new things! I do wish we could get back a little culture and class in society, though to be honest, the thought of carrying one of those around to blow your nose grosses me out just a little, lol.

    • says:

      Jessyca…LOL…I am with you with the blowing nose in a hanky too because they are usually so thin….Hahhahahaaha

  110. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one. White hankies are classy and I think it should make a comeback.

    • says:

      Inspiring Kitchen oh yes white hankies are indeed class and I would also love to see them come back. I think we can start the revolution

  111. I am afraid to say that I have never actually seen a man that carried a white handkerchief. The idea of them dying out worries me that it may be a representation of the loss of the ways of a “gentlemen” in society. It is truly upsetting and I hope will come back into society through pocket squares. That is a great idea.

    • says:

      Taylor I did not even realize it until I watched the movie over the weekend and I was like wow. I agree with you re the loss of the ways of the gentlemen…sad indeed

  112. ARod says:

    I must agree its a practice you just don’t see anymore. Thanks for all the great history on it I learned something new.

    • says:

      ARod what we see most of is large rags hanging from men’s pockets. I see that quite often but it’s been a while since I saw anyone with handkerchiefs

  113. When I first read this, I saw “white men’s handkerchiefs” and it cracked me up. I love that white on white one a lot. . I think they look very stylin and clean.

    • says:

      Carol I am laughing out loud…yes they really look stylin and clean. There is just something about a white handkerchief that says HELLO!

  114. Rachel G says:

    My Dad and my Grandpas always carried pocket handkerchiefs, although one of my grandpas, a farmer, his handkerchiefs were plaid, not white–maybe a bit more practical on the farm? But of my own generation–I don’t see guys carrying them anymore, that’s for sure.

    • says:

      Rachel I smiled at the plaid because my dad was a farmer and that is what he carried as well.