Monthly Archive: March 2016

Second Chances

Second Chances – Take Them

Second Chances Second chances! Who is it that told you that you had to get things right the first time around or else? We have bought into this nonsense that something is wrong with...

Women Paying Alimony

Women Paying Alimony – “Manimony”

Women paying alimony (permanent alimony) has become common place these days.  Even though there are some men who would rather die than take a penny of that money, there are many others who will...

Nuff Said

“Nuff Said by mardenec featuring dangling jewelry WearAll green sleeveless top$25 – McQ by Alexander McQueen panel skirt$380 – Paula Cademartori colorblock handbag$1,130 – Rolex black dial Alexa Starr dangling Swarovski crystal beaded

Women Bullying Women

Women Bullying Women

Women bullying  women is getting too common place. Sometimes I honestly do not know where to start in terms of the things that some women do to other women.   Perhaps we should really take a...

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing – Out of the Closet

It’s official! pole dancing is no longer in the closet.  Historically pole dancing has been associated with strip clubs and nightclubs but this has changed drastically in the last few years. Pole Dancing –...