Rocking Baby Bump After 50?

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pregnant woman

Okay so this post is in response to news that one of our former Jamaican athlete Juliet Cuthbert  is pregnant at the age of 51.   This has led me to pose the question, what would your reaction be if you got to be 50 and over and found yourself pregnant?

I am not really sure why this is making headlines because in my mind as long as a woman is still having a period then the chances are still there.  They may be slimmer than for a younger woman but it is still possible.  In my own family my mum was born to my grandmother at the age of 50. My mum was a well adjusted woman who died at the age of 83.  She had no developmental issues and when she died she had no life style illnesses either.

Anyway back to the matter at hand and the question still remains.  How would you react to the news that you were pregnant after 50.   Would your next trip be to the doctor to  schedule an abortion or would you see it as a blessing since many women way younger than you do not have this blessing?

Now I am not talking about persons who had help getting pregnant.  I am talking to persons who got pregnant naturally.   If anyone has been following the news, there are countless other women who have gotten pregnant naturally after 50 and they are still alive to tell the tales.

pregnant woman

Now before anyone launches into all of the things that can happen to a woman who is carrying a child after 50…might I remind you that these things can also happen to women who are pregnant and under 50. There are risks no matter what age you are so let us not get into the risks here.  For me when I hear this happening I look at how great God is because it is not over until he says it is over.   It is not when the doctors say you can’t get pregnant anymore, it is when God says so.

Here are a few stories for those persons who want to see what can happen to women all over the world who thought their days of having babies were over.  Wikipedia has a list of pregnancies over 50 and you can see the ones that were conceived naturally.

To Juliet I say you go girl and to those who are making all kinds of remarks I say mind your own business.   Whatever a woman decides to do when she is 50 and over and hears congratulations you are pregnant! is really her business and her business alone.  To each his own and we have to learn to respect the decision that is taken (whatever that is).

I think the gift of life is a beautiful thing whatever age it happens;  If you are over 50 and pregnant, then rock your baby bump with pride!





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100 Responses

  1. I can’t imagine being pregnant at 50! WOW!

  2. I think our society is so opinionated about the age of women who get pregnant and then how many children they actually have. In reality, it’s a personal choice when you decide to become pregnant as you grow older. Look at Sarah from the Bible. She was definitely an older woman but God used her and her pregnancy in big ways.

  3. You are right, it’s not such a big deal anymore as women are staying healthier and living longer. Plus, medical advances have made it feasible to carry babies to term at almost any age. I send Judith best wishes on her pregnancy. 🙂

  4. welcomingspirit says:

    I think it’s wonderful. I had my son at 38 and while that’s not 50, I think a lot of women are waiting to have kids until later in life. if 51 feels right to someone and their dream of having a family comes true, that’s worth celebrating.

  5. Urvi says:

    Actually this is personal choice. There is nothing wrong in getting pregnant at any age and no one has right to tell you what to do. Ya it might be late to have baby it you want to enjoy your retirement at the age of 60. But not a big deal.

  6. Kiwi says:

    Wow that would be interesting to be pregnant at 50. No I wouldnt want it for myself but it would be a blessing regardless. If she is happy and joyful why not? I am 30 no kids yet I hope it doesnt take me that long to have kids…

  7. Inez Bayardo says:

    And I was worried as I was approaching my mid-thirties and had not had children yet! Having a baby is miraculous at any age. I think we often overlook all of the “little” things that need to be in place and the window of time that it needs to take place in. I had an unplanned pregnancy and really struggled with the idea that so many women (some of my friends, even) were DYING to have babies and here I was, not in any way in a situation to have a baby, pregnant. I felt guilty, even. But I knew that God had created that life on purpose and FOR a purpose. If I were over 50, I would be even MORE confident that God truly wants that baby here and he has a plan!

  8. Andrea says:

    if someone is over 50 and wants to have a baby – who are we to argue?

  9. miragonz says:

    I do not agree with abortion for any reason, so if a woman gets pregnant, whether at 12 or 52, I think they should have the baby. Whether or not they will raise it or put it up for adoption is up to them, but abortion is never the issue. I also believe that God is the giver and taker of life. So if He saw fit to give an older woman a baby, who are we to judge or argue?? He chose to give Sarah a child when she was “well stricken with age” and she became the mother of nations. So I say, go for it! If anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with God.

  10. Nicole says:

    Personally, I don’t think it is anyone’s business when a women decides to have a baby. So many people want one, and can’t…

  11. Jenn Peters says:

    Definitely agree. People should mind their own business. I am 31 and childless. If I conceived at 50, I’d be thankful and make it work.

  12. Rosey says:

    Babies are blesssings, without a doubt. I am not 50 yet though, and I wonder who would take care of my son if something happened to me. It’s a big deal. So I think you have to have a huge support system for the ‘just in case.’ But like you said, it’s something you’d want at any age, to have in place.

  13. Oh I just think it’s a wonderful blessing. Children are precious.
    I’m praying for more now.

  14. Amber says:

    I think if she is healthy and able to have a kid than that is awesome. It doesn’t matter if you’re old. Especially if it is her first kid then she just got her prime years to herself which is awesome.

  15. Heather says:

    I can’t imagine being that age and pregnant! Would I see it as a blessing, well I think all life is a blessing and I would do my best to make sure that child had the best life I could provide.

  16. Esme Sy says:

    To each his own. I agree. If I got pregnant at 50, I will still go for it. A baby is a blessing and a gift.

  17. Wow Massive congrats to Juliet, and may the will of the source of all good things and life be done in her life. What an amazing gift at any age.

    I know 20 somethings who have given up on motherhood and I see 50 somethings regretting their to get the gift of carrying a new life is a celebration in itself. May she carry to term and enjoy motherhood…its such a joy challenges and all..a Journey I cant imagine life without. Indeed any who thinks she is making a mistake should mind their business..and she should treat them like so!

    Thanks for sharing this, I bet she is rocking her baby bump 50 or not

  18. Keesha says:

    If I got pregnant now at 41, I would be worried about birth defects. But if the Lord sees it fit to so bless Juliet at 50, the Lord knows best. He never gives us more than we can manage. Besides Juliet is a very fit and very strong 50 year old. Being an athlete, I would imagine that she follows a sensible diet and exercise program so there is no reason why she shouldn’t have a perfectly healthy child. She may be 50 but her biological age may be much younger than 50. I extend my own congratulations to Juliet and wish for her and the child the very best of health.

  19. Amy Jones says:

    Kids are always a blessing. Of course with age it makes the whole process harder but with proper medical attention you might not have much problems

  20. Yonca says:

    That is a personal choice. I am 48, it would be risky but everyone has their own reasons of course.

  21. top5life says:

    Well I personally think that this is ones own personal choice. If she can handle her pregnancy in 51, then it’s completely fine.

  22. michelle says:

    i read a story recently where one woman’s mother chose to be her surrogate as her daughter could not have children. the mom was in her late 50s but nothing struck out as odd to me about it which i thought was great. a baby bump is a thing of beauty and should be carried with pride for all ages.

  23. colenemeth31 says:

    I think it’s great when people are able to have babies at any age, if that’s their wish! Personally, I’m happy with my one child and don’t plan on getting pregnant again.

  24. Parenting has always been one of those subjects that seems to cause no end of debate. You are either too young, too old, not in the right space financially or have 100 other reasons thrown at as to why ‘now’ isn’t a good time. Likewise, for those that choose not to have children, they are forced to justify their actions and choices. We need to start being happy for people and the life choices they make not criticise them for it – even if it wouldn’t be our choice!

  25. Allie says:

    I agree that it is a gift at any age! Plus, motherhood itself is such a gift and blessing, of course as others have noted age can be a concern, but as long as the mother is doing what she needs to ensure health for herself and her baby, then rock on sister!

  26. As a birth doula, I say ‘You Go Girl’!! Personally, I seem to have less patience – I had my last at 40 and I don’t seem myself going back to that stage. So, instead I get to cuddle up with my clients’ babes and then give them back when we’re done 🙂

  27. gail says:

    I’m not sure it’s any of my business. Just like it wasn’t theirs when I had a baby at 21. I say hooray for baby and pray for the safety and health of both. Much like I’d do for a younger mother 🙂

  28. I think my next trip to the doctor would be for the heart attack/anxiety attack I’d have. I would immediately be worrying about how I’d keep up with a toddler when I’m supposed to be counting down the days to retirement. I’d also be worried about the health of the baby. I think it was a lot more common “back in the day” for women to have children later in life, but in this age of processed food and little exercise, I think a pregnancy after 50 would be risky for mom and baby.

  29. If I got pregnant over age 50, then it would be a miracle and meant to be. I would be a little worried about the increased risk of birth defects.

  30. Idaintyit says:

    Really enjoyed reading this! Everyone is always so quick to judge. At the end of the day it is an individual choice. I personally don’t believe in abortion and could never have one myself, I just don’t have it in me. I would most likely keep the baby but would not by any means plan to have a baby at that age! It’s when your kids are older and you can go explore the world

    • Idainyit…I think most persons at this age are not making plans to have kids but occasionally it does happen. I am kinda taken aback at times at the response from other women when this happens and a woman decides to keep the child. Amazing the way women sometimes react to other women.

  31. Clearly anyone can and can also make their own decisions about it. I’d just be worried about the higher risks involved for myself.

  32. Katarzyna says:

    I believe that children are blessing at any time of life. I don’t have kids yet, and probably will be one of “late” moms (unless we’ll have a surprise one day!) – and I hate the pressure I’m already receiving for not getting pregnant yet. It’s nobody’s else’s business whether you’re becoming a mom at 50 or earlier.

    • Katarzyna do not allow anyone to pressure you about this. I can never understand why people do this because sometimes that woman is struggling to get pregnant and constantly going on about it only leaves them more anxious

  33. As long as they are healthy… I think thats the most important thing.

  34. Sargas says:

    Wow I love reading giving birth late. My girlfriend and I are having this kind of trouble in life. I hope one day when we get married and hopefully still not late to make our own.

  35. People just need to mind their own business. As for me, if at almost 51 I were to be declared pregnant – which in and of itself would be a miracle, another “virgin” birth, I would not know what to do with myself! At least there would be hand me downs from my granddaughter! LOL

  36. rubiescorner says:

    Some people have babies easily. I waited for mine to come along. I was in my thirties, and we thought getting pregnant would be easy. It wasn’t. We were married over ten years when I was pregnant with the only child we had. He was like a grand-child…always loved, and well-received. He grew up, went to school, and he still is a blessing.

    • Rubiescorner there is a general insensitivity at times with women who have had an easy time getting pregnant. I see it many times and it saddens me because it is as if they cannot understand the other woman who is struggling.

      • rubiescorner says:

        I know. I prayed with Ed, and a Godly woman prayed over me, and told me to give Ed a gift. I did, and I became pregnant. It was the only time, and he has grown, and lives for Jesus. There is a difference in walking with God, and people who don’t know Him. I gave my heart to Him at 8 years old, and He is there, with me. I still had to pray to have a child. Many do. I believe mine was a healing, and an answer to prayers of God’s people who prayed with me. Miracles happen. My son is level headed, he has two degrees from Universities, and he loves the Lord. What more can I ask? I am thankful.

        • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen and amen again. God has spoken

          • rubiescorner says:

            You asked, so I must tell you. When God is in it, God stands with you. You stand on the Word of God. Two people in prayer put 10,000 to flight. I believe in praying over impossible situations, because God looses his angels in the situation. We came close, but God stopped it for us because His children were praying without my knowledge. He cares about everyone. Rebuke the devil and he flees. Speak the word outloud and know the devils leave. Exalt the Lord in song, and plead the blood of Jesus, because the Victory belongs to the LORD who is strong. His banner over us is love. Go through the room of your home, and invite the Presence of Jesus. Kneel when you feel led. This battle belongs to the Lord, but he always will give you something to do by faith. It may look small, but small faith is still FAITH which is wonderful to Him . He takes the apathy, and the doldrums, and makes everything new. Stand in your faith in Jesus, in Jesus name. Stand on the Word, and remember two people praying put 10,000 to flight. The demons leave…..even if it is 10,000, and the angels come …………yes, even if it is 10,000 or more. They encamp around those who love Him. God knows His children. Our robes need to be white, because we have washed them in the blood of the lamb. You know what this means. Always in His Presence, bowing to Him, and giving Him glory when there is victory.

          • I always look forward to your well thought out responses Rubiescorner..Have a great day

          • rubiescorner says:

            Thank you. I wrote from my heart. When we get to Heaven, I want to sit down with you, and fellowship. I don’t know where you live, or are, but I believe God sent you along for me. Thank you for coming by, and today for sharing with me. God is soooooooooooooooooo good!

          • He is indeed a wonderful God and he knows what he is doing.

          • rubiescorner says:

            Yes. I believe, and Trust in His Help. Hey! I lack two books finishing my Bible reading completely. It won’t take long to finish these two books. It has taken over a year this time to read through my Bible. Hooray. Almost there!

          • rubiescorner says:

            That gift I talked about was the ability to have a child. Isaac came within a 9 month several days late period.

  37. Liz Mays says:

    I think I’d initially freak out and cry, but I’m sure it would give way to excitement and joy.

  38. Elizabeth O. says:

    You’re right it’s really not so bad to be pregnant after 50. Who cares, right? So long as you can do it, why not. I think this is a topic that only close minded people won’t understand. But thanks for the good read.

  39. A baby is always a blessing and God don’t make mistakes. If a woman gets pregnant at any age, I feel like it’s meant to be.

  40. Joely Smith says:

    People need to stay out of the reproductive business of other people regardless of age. Too many young people with no income or prospects bearing children. Perhaps by 50 a woman has her life in order better to raise a healthier child and if her body allows it good for her! If I got preg at my age which is 46 I would be amazed since I have had my tubes fuzed due to having type 1 diabetes and giving birth to 3 lovely babies already – one which was still born due to a birth defect, and one whom has Cerebral Palsy. I did not think my body could develop a healthy child at my age. To each their own.

  41. Ana De Jesus says:

    To be honest I think that anyone can have a child regardless of their age we are all entitled to our chance to be parents!

  42. Parker J says:

    More power to her!

  43. children are a blessing. i’m 46 and i wish i could have more. oh sure, my body is old and tired and all that, but children keep you young!

  44. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    For me, that is too old to be having a baby because I want to enjoy my retirement, but each woman should be able to have a baby whenever she wants 🙂

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