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Make Beauty 89

Make Beauty Review

Make Beauty Review I was asked to be a part of the MAKEYourself campaign by Make Beauty.  I must confess that was the first time I had heard about this company but I figured, why...

Hydrating Serum 6

Hydrating Serum For Sensitive Skin Review

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum Are you looking for hydrating serum for your sensitive skin? Then look no further,  Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum is the perfect solution; It is a lightweight serum that boosts moisture...

4 X 4 Diet 0

4 X 4 Diet – Book Review

4 X 4 Diet The 4 X 4 Diet is a book that anyone could use but I would say it is most suitable for beginners. Erin Oprea does a great job of breaking...

Harvest Festival Las Vegas 87

Harvest Festival Las Vegas 2016

Harvest Festival Las Vegas will be held September  9 – 11, 2016. For 43 years, Harvest Festival has been celebrated as one of the largest indoor crafts shows in the country, showcasing thousands of...

Home Fitness Systems 54

Home Fitness Systems That Work

What kind of  home fitness systems are you currently working with?  Or is it that you are looking for a way to stay fit without leaving your home?  Well you have come to the...

Sinus Relief Remedies 183

Sinus Relief Remedies Without Medication

Effective Sinus Relief Remedies A few years ago I stopped taking tablets for sinus problems and turned to sinus relief remedies without medication.   There are so many remedies for sinus relief around us, we...


11 Tuition Free Colleges in the US

Tuition Free Colleges in the US The idea of tuition free colleges in  USA makes many parents and students roll their eyes.  Finding colleges that can offer free college tuition is almost impossible in the USA...

Bloggers Administrative Duties 115

14 Necessary Bloggers Administrative Duties

Bloggers Administrative Duties Bloggers Administrative Duties should never be ignored! As bloggers we sometimes are so focused on the writing of posts that we ignore all the other things that will make our business...

Cheap Coding Courses 126

Cheap Coding Courses For Bloggers on Udemy

It is not hard for bloggers to find cheap coding courses on Udemy from very knowledgeable persons in the field.   This post includes affiliate links! If you make a purchase after clicking on certain links...

Brita Water Filter Pitchers 66

Brita Water Filter Pitchers

Brita Water Filter Pitchers Can Save You Money Brita Water Filter Pitchers have been around for quite a while. I was looking for a way to save money, stop using bottled water as well as...

Computer Security 109

Computer Security – Beware Ransomware

Computer Security Computer security is a growing problem. Have you heard about ransomware?  Do you know how to protect yourself against this kind of cyber attack that has been crippling consumers as well as...

Second Chances 52

Second Chances – Take Them

Second Chances Second chances! Who is it that told you that you had to get things right the first time around or else? We have bought into this nonsense that something is wrong with...